A Very Long Day

Yesterday ended up being a very long day, but it was worth it! I had to get myself awake and moving and out of the house about the time of day that I am often heading to bed because I had my NRA Basic Pistol (CCW) class set up. I am not used to sitting in a classroom for hours on end anymore; it’s been years since I did that on a regular basis (other than at conferences, and that’s a little different). I did learn a fair amount, though. It definitely got some thoughts chasing around in my head.

The range time towards the end of the day was like a reward for having been good all day long. Each person in the class got one-on-one time with one of the instructors, not only to “ensure competence” but also for them to work with each of us on the mechanics of how we shoot. I used my Kimber .45; the instructors didn’t seem at all surprised to see me (the only girl in the class) with a .45, but some of the guys in the class were a bit shocked. I had no trouble showing “competence” with my firearm, so I was off the range fairly quickly.

One interesting thing that they had each of us do, though, was to fire a few shots at the end with the gun held in tight, pretty much right at my chest. Admittedly, if I ever have to use it, it may well be at exactly that short range, so it is good to know how it feels…it’s rough and loud and hot, and I could taste it. But if I ever have to, the shot itself won’t startle me now, and it won’t scare me into dropping the gun.

After class was done, I got a treat! I went to another local range where I met THOT. He had invited me to come and see (and shoot at) a low-light/flashlight event. I was so unprepared…I don’t (yet) own a holster, and I only (so far) have a single magazine for the Kimber. THOT loaned me a holster and extra magazines so I could participate, and when they realized that I’ve never participated in any sort of shooting match before, the people running it didn’t turn the lights out on me, so I didn’t have to juggle a flashlight my first time through.

It was an awesome day.

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