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A Little More…

Working out is working out! I’ve started working out again in my dungeon (aka down in the basement) to a set of DVDs. For the first time ever, I’ve found a workout video that I like.

I really enjoy it.

Yes, looking at that sentence makes me wonder a bit…but I haven’t skipped a day yet, and I’m 10 days in. I’m actually rearranging things in my day to be sure that I have the 40 or so minutes I need to spend on my workout. I’ve even gone downstairs at 11pm, and I -never- work out that late at night.

We’ll see how this goes.

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Sharp, Sticky, Pointy, Stabby Things (Part 1)

When my parents cleaned out their basement, preparatory to downsizing, one of the things my dad did was to divide up his assorted weapons. I got the Winchester shotgun (I’ll have pics of that another day); one brother got the other shotgun. He got the Civil War sword and something else stabby, and I got a cane sword, a special presentation sword (that I’m still trying to track down exactly who, what, and whyffor it was presented), and a bayonet. The bayonet had come from my dad’s dad, brought home from France during WWI, but beyond that, my dad didn’t know much.

Now, however, thanks to Roadkill (#gbc), I know a lot more! It is a French model 1886/15 bayonet with brass grips. It was made to be used on the Mle. 1886 Lebel rifle and carbine and the Mle. 1892 Berthier rifle and carbine. The cruciform blade made the wounds harder to heal. Mine does not have the hooked quillion, nor does it have a removable handle. Mine also seems to lack any sort of stamp or markings on it.

Model 1886/15 (1)

Model 1886/15 (2)

Model 1886/15 (3)

Model 1886/15 (4)

Model 1886/15 (5)

Thanks again, Roadkill!

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Oh, My Aching…

I’ve been a bit quiet here lately because I’m on a quick vacation. Yay!

I’m down in Georgia at one of my very favorite places in the world…a guest ranch where I can ride horses all day long. They have miles of trails between this ranch and the one next door that are open for guest use. The horses are very well-trained, but not just nags without brains (though they do have slowpokes for people who can’t ride a lick). And if you want to, it is allowed to trot and canter as long as the trails aren’t muddy.

Most of the horses here are paints and Appaloosas, with a sprinkling of other sorts such as Palominos, but my favorites are the Percherons. They have half a dozen or so of the big girls, and they are so much fun to ride! When they get going, the ground shakes underneath their feet, and they outrun the rest of the horses without half trying.

The only problem is that, because I don’t ride on a regular basis back home, I’m always just a wee bit sore when I’m down here. But it’s so worth it.

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By Popular Request

After much discussion in #gbc last night, I said that I would be posting a pic of my new corset (not with me in it yet, as I haven’t yet taken possession of said corset). But soon!


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Rough Times

I know I work in an ER. I understand that my job involves dealing with emergencies on a regular basis. But I could really use just one or two shifts here where I don’t have a ZOMG, heart-stopping, full-on adrenaline rush, “all-hands on deck” RIGHT NOW emergency that takes up a major portion of my shift.

Just one or two shifts. Please.

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So Much Fun!

Yesterday was fantastic! I can no longer say that I have never shot a rifle. I have now, in fact, shot two different rifles. The first was a Ruger 10/22. The second was an Indian Enfield .308. (That may be redundant…I’m not sure.) But after the first shot with that one, I looked at THOT and said, “Again! AGAIN!” He just laughed, and I got a second shot.

Now plans are on to find a long-range outdoor range so that more and bigger rifles can be attempted!

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There is no movement of the magic little slider button this week. At least not in the right direction. There may have even been a nudge in the improper direction, but I choose to ignore such movement for today and not ratchet it backwards.

Last week, I was not good to myself. I allowed too many meetings to be added to my schedule (not really by choice, but still), so that I was chronically under-slept. I didn’t exercise because I was too tired and too ragged from running around to the meetings and to work. Work itself was not good, and being tired only made me less able to roll with the punches when bad shift piled on bad shift. And I wasn’t the least bit careful in my food choices.

But that week is done and over. It’s past. And past bad behavior does not need to continue. I’ve already gone and worked out today, and I’m lining up better foods for the week. A minor blip is not failure, and I won’t let it become that.

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Merit Badges

I got to spend my afternoon today taking my recertification in ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support). It’s one of the merit badges thar physicians have to keep current in and be recertified in every so often. While I understand that there needs to be some method by which competence can be verified and maintained, I’m still not certain that this is the best way to do it.

At the moment, the list of things I must keep current in continues to grow:
BLS (q2 years)
PALS (q2 years)
ACLS (q2 years)
ATLS (q4 years)
State Licensure (q2 years)
Board Certification x2 (q5 years with testing q10 years).

It’s not even the cost of all of this (although that is substantial) that bothers me. It’s that so many of these requirements are so artificial in so many ways. If you want to see whether or not I’m competent in the evaluation and treatment of a trauma patient, for example, come watch me in the real world. Evaluate me as I’m doing my job…watch me working with real trauma patients. Then you’ll see that I can really do it.

P.S. I passed today. I’m good for 4 more years.

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Watch Them Fall

Last night, the little range up the street had a bowling pin match. What fun! I think somewhere upwards of 20 people participated; I met a few of them, had a lot of laughs, and really had a good time. I took my S&W 952 because it’s so much fun to shoot.

My first round did not go well. Lesson learned…do not take a gun to a match that I haven’t shot recently. Little things like…oh…how that specific gun works fly right out memory under pressure. So, off to the losers’ bracket I went.

I did a bit better there. One round, it took only 8 shots before my 5 pins fell. I got better at changing mags quickly and efficiently. But I lost a second time when my gun had its first ever failure-to-eject. I’m still marveling at that one, but I’ve had it 5 years and shoot it a fair amount, so once in a very long time…I can’t complain. (Except that it will always happen at the worst possible time.)

The laughs came when one person took the half of the front edge off of one of the tables, followed not too long thereafter by another person taking the other half of it off of the same table. To do that, you had to hit a zip-tie just right and sever it, so those shots were damn good…but you couldn’t have done it if you tried.

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Moving Along

2 weeks in, I’m seeing progress. I know these weekly updates are more for me, but because words have meaning, and the written word has even more power than simply saying something, if I can look back several months from now and see steady progress, that will help me towards my end goal even better.

— Twice more exercising.
— Continuing to make healthier food choices (though could do better).
— Weight continuing to come off.

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