Watch Them Fall

Last night, the little range up the street had a bowling pin match. What fun! I think somewhere upwards of 20 people participated; I met a few of them, had a lot of laughs, and really had a good time. I took my S&W 952 because it’s so much fun to shoot.

My first round did not go well. Lesson learned…do not take a gun to a match that I haven’t shot recently. Little things like…oh…how that specific gun works fly right out memory under pressure. So, off to the losers’ bracket I went.

I did a bit better there. One round, it took only 8 shots before my 5 pins fell. I got better at changing mags quickly and efficiently. But I lost a second time when my gun had its first ever failure-to-eject. I’m still marveling at that one, but I’ve had it 5 years and shoot it a fair amount, so once in a very long time…I can’t complain. (Except that it will always happen at the worst possible time.)

The laughs came when one person took the half of the front edge off of one of the tables, followed not too long thereafter by another person taking the other half of it off of the same table. To do that, you had to hit a zip-tie just right and sever it, so those shots were damn good…but you couldn’t have done it if you tried.

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One thought on “Watch Them Fall

  1. Sounds like FUN!!!!!!!!!!

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