There is no movement of the magic little slider button this week. At least not in the right direction. There may have even been a nudge in the improper direction, but I choose to ignore such movement for today and not ratchet it backwards.

Last week, I was not good to myself. I allowed too many meetings to be added to my schedule (not really by choice, but still), so that I was chronically under-slept. I didn’t exercise because I was too tired and too ragged from running around to the meetings and to work. Work itself was not good, and being tired only made me less able to roll with the punches when bad shift piled on bad shift. And I wasn’t the least bit careful in my food choices.

But that week is done and over. It’s past. And past bad behavior does not need to continue. I’ve already gone and worked out today, and I’m lining up better foods for the week. A minor blip is not failure, and I won’t let it become that.

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One thought on “Backsliding

  1. Glad to hear that you’re back on track this week …

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