Oh, My Aching…

I’ve been a bit quiet here lately because I’m on a quick vacation. Yay!

I’m down in Georgia at one of my very favorite places in the world…a guest ranch where I can ride horses all day long. They have miles of trails between this ranch and the one next door that are open for guest use. The horses are very well-trained, but not just nags without brains (though they do have slowpokes for people who can’t ride a lick). And if you want to, it is allowed to trot and canter as long as the trails aren’t muddy.

Most of the horses here are paints and Appaloosas, with a sprinkling of other sorts such as Palominos, but my favorites are the Percherons. They have half a dozen or so of the big girls, and they are so much fun to ride! When they get going, the ground shakes underneath their feet, and they outrun the rest of the horses without half trying.

The only problem is that, because I don’t ride on a regular basis back home, I’m always just a wee bit sore when I’m down here. But it’s so worth it.

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One thought on “Oh, My Aching…

  1. sounds great ….

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