Nom nom nom!

The things I find to do with my “free” time…

I completely rearranged my overnights for June so that I could take an entire week-long cooking class this week. It’s “intensive bread-making”. 5 days, 40 hours. And I’m seeing this as vacation-time, because I’m not at work.

But it’s fun! Hard work in one way, because it’s different from my usual 8 hours on my feet, and it’s getting up way too early by my standards. But there’s something awfully fun about getting my hands dirty with bread dough and seeing something come of it.

Of course, this “something” is turning out to be way more bread than I can eat. So I’m handing out bread like it’s candy! And freezing bunches of it for later eating, too. (Part of me thinks that this class may not have been such a great idea after all, in terms of some of my long-term goals, but I figure I can make bread, eat what I want, and take the rest in to feed the crew at work!)

So far, in just 2 days, I’ve learned to make:
— French bread
— Honey whole wheat bread
— Focaccia
— Popovers
— Pizza/calzone dough
— 7-grain bread
— Ciabatta
— Brioche
and there’s still 3 days more to go.

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