== Tool?

This past weekend, I was able to attend my very first gun show. (Yes, I know…my education in such things has been greatly lacking. I’m attempting to make up for this, however, and being very much helped in such by someone who enjoys these things as much (maybe more?) than I do!)

Of course…what does one do at a gun show? One finds shiny pretty things!

Gun Show

A gentleman was selling his private collection and had this jewel sitting amongst his other dearly loved possessions. It caught my eye the first time we walked by, but I didn’t even stop then. When we went back after having been through the entire show grounds and it was still there, I knew I was sunk. It took some maneuvering, two trips to the bank (it was closed the first time) and 2 more trips back to the gun show (one the next day) to actually obtain it, but this is now MY lovely gun.

He said it had never been shot, and seeing the condition that it’s in, I can believe it. Part of me would like to leave it as-is, to keep it pristine and shiny and untouched…but I truly believe that guns are tools and are meant to be used. I’ve always said that I won’t buy a gun I don’t intend to shoot.

I’m going to enjoy shooting this one. I may just enjoy it being so very shiny and pretty for a little bit before I do.

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5 thoughts on “== Tool?

  1. SCI-FI

    Awesome, a thing of beauty.

  2. Very nice. Can’t wait to hear how it runs on the range.

  3. Very nice! Can’t wait to hear how it runs on the range!

  4. Spike

    I want to come shoot it! Or at least shoot one of my own

  5. WOW NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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