The Time Has Come

All projects require materials. If you desire a good outcome, it is wise to start with good quality materials. One of the things that bread class taught me is that there is a huge difference in the quality of flour available on the market.

I could walk into my local market and pick up a 5 pound sack of flour off of the shelf. I could get lucky and get one that is relatively fresh, or it might be one that has been on the shelf for 6 months or more. It might be the right time of year for the protein in the wheat to be high enough to make good bread, or the protein might be very low and my bread might not come together well at all.

I could buy yeast off of the shelf and hope that it was well cared for along its journey to the store so that it didn’t die before I ever got my hands on it.

I could attempt to find a good 7- or 9-grain flour in the store, or drive from store to store hoping to find a multi-grain flour at all.

Or I could solve the problem ahead of time and lay my hands on a supply of good quality flour…bread flour, wheat and rye flours, multi-grain flour, even wholemeal flour to make Irish brown bread…and yeast, powdered cheese, and really good cinnamon. And have it show up on my doorstep, ready for me to start making bread.

I can’t wait!

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