Summer Lazy

It’s been a few days since I wrote anything, but summer is settling in to a pattern.

Work is somewhat miserable right now. It’s July, so there’s a whole new crop of residents. You know the joke that says don’t get sick in July? Yeah, no joke. But we also have a new computer system as of a month ago. It seemed to work fine at first, but the deeper into it we get, the more small things there are to trip over, and everyone is on everyone else’s last nerve because nothing meshes quite right.

The weather hasn’t helped, either. A string of days with highs well over 90, some approaching 100…to the point that low-80s is considered a cold snap just isn’t much fun. Luckily, the big storms mostly missed this part of the state, so no big power outages.

And there are definitely some good things to this summer. Lots of range time. Just about every week, if not more than once in some weeks! Yesterday, for example. I was just running through my head trying to figure out how many rounds I’d gone through (and figure at least as much again for my shooting buddy).
— 100 rounds through the HK.40 (I really had forgotten how much fun that thing is to shoot)
— 60 rounds through the M&P.22
— 200 rounds through the Walther.22 (first time with enough magazines to make shooting this one worthwhile, and it’s awesome! Definitely worth having waited for the 5″ barrel, too.)
— 100 rounds through the M&P 15-22

And yesterday was just Monday. After tonight, I’m off the rest of this week, so I can’t imagine not getting to the range at least once more.

I’m enjoying summer this year.

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