Second Attempt (and Casualty the Second)

This baking thing is getting expensive. First the butter dish jumps out of the fridge. This time, as part of the clean-up, I put the paddle and dough hook for my stand mixer into the dishwasher. They’re metal after all, right? Why shouldn’t they go in the dishwasher! Well, apparently they shouldn’t. When I took them out after the cycle had run, they were heavily oxidized, to the point that even after scrubbing them clean and washing my hands for several minutes with the scrubber, not only was the scrubber ruined, my hands were still slightly discolored. The two pieces sort of look ok, but I’m not sure I trust them with food anymore. I’ve already ordered new ones, and I won’t be doing anymore baking until the new ones get here.

But the bread came out pretty good. It didn’t rise as well as I could have hoped, but I think I know why and can fix it for next time. I made what the recipe calls “Italian Easter Bread”. It has 3 kinds of cheese in it (all Italian cheeses) as well as cracked black pepper. It’s a rich bread with a bit of a bite to it.

This is after the dough attempted to rise. It more flattened out a bit without so much vertical rise, so the bread came out a bit heavy, but still very yum.

And after baking, the little loaves were nicely brown with little bits of gooey melted cheese running all through the bread. And the house smelled like toasted cheese for hours!

I just need to stop sacrificing things in order to get my baking done, or this isn’t going to end well.

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One thought on “Second Attempt (and Casualty the Second)

  1. SCI-FI

    Dishwasher ruins the metal parts? Send them out to the dry-cleaners. Just tell them “no” on pressing or starching the collars.

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