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Progress, Slowly

So I was at the orthopedist today, getting my shoulder looked at. The good news is that surgery is not on the books. At least not yet. I am to change up the anti-inflammatory I am taking (to indocin…let’s hear it for tearing my stomach to shreds for the next two weeks), add in tylenol, and take vicodin only if -really- needed (as if I’d take it just for giggles *eyeroll*). Physical therapy is a “sort of” for the time being. Range of motion, definitely; strengthening, not so much yet. The doc compared my rotator cuff to a frayed rope. He said that the last thing I want is for any more of the fragile strands to break, lest the entire tendon just let go. Recheck in 2 weeks, and probably 2 weeks after that. Decisions on surgery or not to be made as time goes on.

In the meantime, what am I allowed to do? Not much, really. Driving is to be avoided as much as possible, since it hurts and puts stress on the rotator cuff. And I am definitely not allowed to drive my little red car (with the manual transmission). So I’m stuck driving my truck. (Good thing I got the K&N air filter in a couple of weeks ago; I’ll take every extra mile/gallon I can tweak out of that beast right now…) Shooting? Ha. I probably should’ve known better than to even ask, but I did. I’m allowed to shoot lefty-only for now, nothing that puts weight or stress of any sort on that right shoulder. And most definitely no mountain biking, no horseback riding, and nothing else of anything even close to that sort of fun.

Of course, after the doc heard what options I had in cars to drive, and then heard my questions about my free-time activities, he made a few pointed comments about “girls and their toys”…which only made me laugh. So I suppose that I really do have a cool orthopedist taking care of my shoulder, which is a good thing. And he knows that I’ll do whatever is necessary to get back to what I love doing, which is never a bad thing.

I just want it to be ALL BETTER NOW!!!

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Can’t Sleep

So on the way back from NEBS/GS, I managed to tear my rotator cuff.  No, there’s not a good story to go with it…I’m simply that unlucky.  Suffice it to say that I may never again eat at a Denny’s again without cringing.  At least it’s my right arm, and I’m left-handed.

But it’s nearly 0600, and I should’ve been asleep 2 hours ago. This doesn’t bode well for the weekend full of work, if I can’t get enough sleep the night before I start. I just can’t get comfortable enough when I try to lay down. Hopefully, physical therapy (to be started early next week) will help with this, and I can avoid surgery altogether.

What’s really got me torqued off, though, is all the things I can’t do right now. I’ve got a new rifle on order, and I won’t be able to shoot it when it comes in. For that matter, I can’t do much shooting at all!!! Other than single-handed, that is…and I guess I’ll get much better at that over the next few weeks…maybe even months. There is no exercise program at the moment; no riding of my bike, and I can’t even begin to think of going back to Georgia to ride horses at the moment. I’m having to stop and gauge every single move before I make it, lest I end up on the floor, crying like a little girl…and that is JUST NOT WHO I AM.

However, I do have a very sweet man taking very good care of me. He’s doing his very best to see that I don’t make things worse before I get better… And I do know just how lucky I am in that.

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NE Bloggershoot/Gun Show

Wow… That’s about all I can say. Well, no. I really can say more, but that about sums it all up. So much fun packed into a long weekend! Driving 24 hours total to spend 48 hours on-site up in New England might seem crazy to some, but to spend it with like-minded people doing the sort of things we all love so much (talking, sharing, and shooting) was worth every minute of it.

This was the first chance I’ve had to meet anyone other than THOT from the gunblogger/gunnie community. And what a list of people to meet… JayG, who organized it all, Doubletrouble and MrsDoubletrouble, who were kind enough to allow us to descend like locusts upon them, and Wally, who gave the ok to shoot my dad’s Winchester (which got me to “squeeeeee!” so loudly that almost everyone started laughing and someone commented that they didn’t usually hear joy like that until after the shooting had been done).

I met Bubblehead Les and Zercool, Cher and Mopar, Marko, The Senator, TOTWTYTR, ChristinaLMT, and so many more whose names I can’t remember but whose faces I’ll never forget!

I also met Sci-Fi, mrsSciFi, and littleSciFi. That day was littleSciFi’s first day to shoot, and she was having the time of her life! She went from her first shots with a small .22 to multiple 25-round magazines through my S&W 15-22 fearlessly. And to see the joy on her face as she bent over that Big Black Gun brought an answering smile to my face. I cheerfully played magazine monkey for her, filling those 25-round magazines for her over and over, each time she came to ask, “Could I please shoot the big black gun again?”

This is why we win. Because it’s fun, and we teach our young to do it safely and to do it well.

Two more pics… These are the “junk on the bunk” pics of what THOT and I dragged with us. Between us, 5 long guns and 11 hand guns. I wish I’d taken more pics of what everyone else at the shoot had spread out on tables, but I was having so much fun that I tended to forget about taking pictures half the time because I was talking to people or shooting or just looking around with wide eyes like a kid on Christmas morning.

Of all of the guns I had a chance to shoot, I’m torn over what was my favorite. In some ways, I do think it was my dad’s (now my) shotgun, a Winchester 21 Tournament Grade Skeet 20g. I shot it. THOT shot it. ZerCool shot it. JayG shot it. I believe a few others may’ve shot it, as well. It’s truly a beautiful gun, and I’m so glad that it’s finally back in use after 60+ years in a safe. But I also got to fire TWO full auto rifles! One in .223 and one in 9mm. They were both so much fun!!! (Thank you, Wally!) And I also got to fire JayG’s handgonne. That was awesome, just because of what it is…so simple, so elegant.

But the weekend is over for another year. I’m already counting the days!

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Meet Fred

I met Fred late one night when I came in from my garage to the kitchen and saw something at one of the kitchen windows. I jumped a bit and about screamed because my kitchen windows are 2nd floor height from the ground… NO ONE should be looking in them, especially not at 0300 some dark morning.

Then I had to laugh at myself. It was Fred. Just hanging out in the middle of the window. Literally. Just hanging there.

This is what I saw when I walked in from the garage…

Then I walked out onto the deck and took another picture of him from outside looking in…

Since then, Fred has been hanging around a lot. He’s been seen on the deck a few times (and almost gotten stepped on more than once). He’s tried to come into the house when I left the door open for a minute too long once; I had to scoop him up and “encourage” him to hop down a few steps from the deck. And I caught him on the grill cover one day when I picked it up to recover the grill. He scared me then, too, when he came hopping out as I picked it up.

Apparently, Fred likes it on the deck. There’s bugs for him to eat, shade to keep him cool, and music to keep him entertained. But since he’s good company, he’s welcome to stay.

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