Can’t Sleep

So on the way back from NEBS/GS, I managed to tear my rotator cuff.  No, there’s not a good story to go with it…I’m simply that unlucky.  Suffice it to say that I may never again eat at a Denny’s again without cringing.  At least it’s my right arm, and I’m left-handed.

But it’s nearly 0600, and I should’ve been asleep 2 hours ago. This doesn’t bode well for the weekend full of work, if I can’t get enough sleep the night before I start. I just can’t get comfortable enough when I try to lay down. Hopefully, physical therapy (to be started early next week) will help with this, and I can avoid surgery altogether.

What’s really got me torqued off, though, is all the things I can’t do right now. I’ve got a new rifle on order, and I won’t be able to shoot it when it comes in. For that matter, I can’t do much shooting at all!!! Other than single-handed, that is…and I guess I’ll get much better at that over the next few weeks…maybe even months. There is no exercise program at the moment; no riding of my bike, and I can’t even begin to think of going back to Georgia to ride horses at the moment. I’m having to stop and gauge every single move before I make it, lest I end up on the floor, crying like a little girl…and that is JUST NOT WHO I AM.

However, I do have a very sweet man taking very good care of me. He’s doing his very best to see that I don’t make things worse before I get better… And I do know just how lucky I am in that.

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One thought on “Can’t Sleep

  1. Oh no!

    There goes Jay’s hope for an injury-free shoot! 😉

    Take care of it and yourself – fortunately bourbon only requires one hand.

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