Progress, Slowly

So I was at the orthopedist today, getting my shoulder looked at. The good news is that surgery is not on the books. At least not yet. I am to change up the anti-inflammatory I am taking (to indocin…let’s hear it for tearing my stomach to shreds for the next two weeks), add in tylenol, and take vicodin only if -really- needed (as if I’d take it just for giggles *eyeroll*). Physical therapy is a “sort of” for the time being. Range of motion, definitely; strengthening, not so much yet. The doc compared my rotator cuff to a frayed rope. He said that the last thing I want is for any more of the fragile strands to break, lest the entire tendon just let go. Recheck in 2 weeks, and probably 2 weeks after that. Decisions on surgery or not to be made as time goes on.

In the meantime, what am I allowed to do? Not much, really. Driving is to be avoided as much as possible, since it hurts and puts stress on the rotator cuff. And I am definitely not allowed to drive my little red car (with the manual transmission). So I’m stuck driving my truck. (Good thing I got the K&N air filter in a couple of weeks ago; I’ll take every extra mile/gallon I can tweak out of that beast right now…) Shooting? Ha. I probably should’ve known better than to even ask, but I did. I’m allowed to shoot lefty-only for now, nothing that puts weight or stress of any sort on that right shoulder. And most definitely no mountain biking, no horseback riding, and nothing else of anything even close to that sort of fun.

Of course, after the doc heard what options I had in cars to drive, and then heard my questions about my free-time activities, he made a few pointed comments about “girls and their toys”…which only made me laugh. So I suppose that I really do have a cool orthopedist taking care of my shoulder, which is a good thing. And he knows that I’ll do whatever is necessary to get back to what I love doing, which is never a bad thing.

I just want it to be ALL BETTER NOW!!!

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3 thoughts on “Progress, Slowly

  1. Best of luck in your recovery. I feel your pain

  2. Good time to practice your “off hand” defensive shooting. (Making the best of it ‘n all…)
    Get well soon!

    • Luckily (if you can call it that), I tore my right shoulder, and I’m left-handed. If I’d torn my strong-side shoulder, I really don’t know how I’d even be managing at work…I’m barely getting along as it is.

      But a definite yes to the single-handed shooting. Just got back to the range Sunday after a full 2 weeks of enforced rest to at least let some healing start!

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