Last night, THOT and I were sitting at the coffee shop and playing cards. I’d grabbed a deck on my way out of the house. It turned out to be a sealed deck from a long-defunct casino in Las Vegas. Still sealed, mind you; it took a sharp blade to cut the tape on the flap to get at the cards.

We played a few games. I couldn’t even come close to winning. Then something odd happened…

After we piled four 5s onto each other and set the stack aside, I drew a card from the deck. It was another 5. The 5 of hearts, to be specific. I started laughing to the point that I couldn’t even explain why and just flipped the FIFTH 5 over.

THOT took one look at it and called, “Hax!!!” Nevermind that he’d been winning! Nevermind that it was a sealed deck! And from a casino, no less! (Of course, a casino that has been out of business for years… Makes you wonder a bit?) As if I’d somehow managed to magic up an extra card to toss into a deck (and have it be something harmless, like a 5 of all things)… But the rest of the deck was intact, so we kept playing.

Funny, though, how my luck changed once we got rid of that 53rd card.

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One thought on “Hax!

  1. HAX!!! Can’t let her out of your sight for a SECOND..

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