Just Wow…

So the world completed yet another trip around the sun towards the end of last week, and I’ve added one to the number I might admit to (or might not) if asked how long I’ve been making the trip. I spent the first part of the week with my family downstate (and celebrated a bit early with them) but came back towards the end of the week so that I could head down to WV for the Wounded Warriors blogshoot (far too much fun to be discussed as a sidenote here). But that meant I got to spend my birthday at home with someone special.

And he managed to surprise me. He’s been teasing me for weeks (maybe even months?) about a “s00per sekrat project” he had in the works with a co-conspirator, and I’d been strictly warned that I was not allowed to ask about it…not to pry, not to beg hints, and not to be nosy in the least. I wasn’t, so I couldn’t have been more surprised.

It’s a key-chain cannon! It’s a tiny little black-powder cannon in .22cal (which also means that it is sized birthday-candle caliber!). And it does shoot! (We just have to get all of the proportions right in the recipe for powder and wad and pellet, but it does!)

So…for my birthday, I get not just something that goes bang, but something that he had made for me. My boyfriend is awesome!

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4 thoughts on “Just Wow…

  1. NICE!!!!!!!!!!! And happy birthday!

  2. HBD lass!

  3. Wally

    Most delightful !
    Happy birthday Pediem!!!

  4. So, great my friend. You were really surprised by your boyfriend and it’s good to hear it! Cheers for your birthday.

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