Why I Don’t Work Days

So I had to head in to work today during the daylight hours. Shocking, I know. I try to avoid doing so whenever possible because it always ends badly.

Today involved a 10 minute meeting, but it had already been rescheduled 3 times, and I couldn’t skip it, so I made the 25 mile drive in. At night, this takes 30 minutes at most. In the middle of the afternoon, it can take close to an hour, so I have to leave plenty early. I was 30 minutes early for the meeting.

This gave one fellow the chance to find me and ask for my help with an upcoming project. I’ve become the go-to editor for all of the department’s technical writings, as I seem to be the best at making coherent English out of medical-ese and technical jargon. So after my surgery, I have 40-50 pages of writing to fix up.

Then during the meeting, another fellow reported that his research project has greatly (and suddenly) unexpectedly increased in size…by a factor of about 5. So his simple data collection, planned to take about 6 weeks, has turned into a mammoth undertaking. I now have my second project to be done while I’m off work and recovering from shoulder surgery…pulling the data from about 4000 patient charts and entering it into a custom database.

And then my boss found me. She needed a small favor. To cover until she can get here in the morning, and so another of the docs doesn’t have to get here early either, she asked that I stay 30 or so minutes late after my shift ends, just to provide attending coverage while one of the fellows runs the ED.

As I said, being at work during daylight hours always ends badly. 2 new projects plus staying late in the morning.

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One thought on “Why I Don’t Work Days

  1. LOL, you know better…

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