Aftermath of Stormageddon

The downed tree was safely draggged off of the driveway to the lawn during the height of the storm. Several days later, Thot and I dragged the tree across the front lawn, down the hill, across the (gone missing yet again) creek and into the brush to lay it beside the other tree that fell last year sometime. Done deal. It broke off below ground level, too, so I don’t even have to have the stump ground. Even better.

As to the roof and the missing shingles… They weren’t from the edge of the roof after all. Oh, no. They were from way up high, near the peak of the roof itself. Several shingles had torn loose and several others had just loosened a bit. Luckily, my insurance company has a good local disaster recovery and repair company to call. They were out here by the end of the week to take a look, up on the roof and crawling all over it to be quite sure that the few missing/loosened shingles were all that had gone bad. They were, and even better, the felting underneath was intact. No major repair required, just replacement and retightening of the loosened ones.

That happened today. This morning. VERY EARLY this morning, actually. And the repair crew didn’t get word that I work nights. So they woke me up to tell me that they were here. All bright and cheerful they were…and I was not. I’m not sure my eyes were even fully open when I gave them the go ahead. And the dreams I had that were inspired by the sounds of workmen on the roof? Disquieting, to say the least! I can’t really remember what they were, only that there was lots of loud bangs and firepower involved.

When the supervisor came to inspect things this afternoon, I was a little grumpy with him, but as we talked more, he said that it’ll still be weeks until they can get all of the non-critical damage inspected, much less repairs made on all of those jobs; they’re still finishing holes in roofs and major wall damage. At that point, I suddenly cheered up. My house was made whole less than 3 weeks after the storm rolled through. I had no major damage, as it turned out. I lost no one and nothing to the storm. And the repairs cost me only what my insurance deductible would have been (because the cost was actually less than what the deductible was…so my insurance company didn’t end up involved at all, which is even better in the long run).

I have a lot to be thankful for this year.

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