Only Ones?

In speaking about a home burglary, where the burglars were scared off because one of the homeowners had an AR-15, Rochester (NY) Police Chief James Sheppard stated, “My druthers is that in every situation we encounter as police officers, we’re the only ones with guns. That would be the perfect scenario.”

This bothers me. This bothers me a lot. He wants to see every single person disarmed so that the police are the only ones who have guns.

There’s no way that he’s going to get all of the guns away from the criminals. Take a look at history to see how that worked with alcohol during Prohibition, or how well that is currently working with drugs.

That leaves honest citizens at a serious disadvantage. He wants us to have no way to defend ourselves when someone breaks into our homes or assaults us. He wants us to be at the mercy of those who have no mercy, who will not be bound by the law, who will take what is ours and hurt those we love.

This is not what the Second Amendment is about. It does not state that “only the police” get the guns. It does not create a class of “only ones” that have special powers. I have the right to defend myself and those I love. And I will fight for that right.

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