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Best Days

Some holidays really do seem to be more created than organic. I had never heard of “Sweetest Day” until I moved to the midwest. Even Valentine’s Day seems to be to be at least somewhat driven by the idea that “if you don’t do this TODAY OF ALL DAYS…”, you’ve failed.

To me, that’s not what a relationship is. Or rather, it’s not what a good relationship should be. Love and caring and sharing should be every day, not simply on one day that is set aside so that Hallmark and American Greetings can sell cards.

Yesterday was awesome. But not because I got roses or chocolate or some flowery sentiments pre-printed on a pink and red card. My guy called me from our local gun store to tell me that they still had the 100 round boxes of .223 ammo in stock (and at pre-panic prices, no less!), but it was 1 box/person…did I want to drive up and meet him there so I could get another box for myself? (I’d told him the day before that they had the ammo in, but I could only get 1 box at the time, and he was at work. He was stopping to see if it was still there so he could at least pick up a box for himself.)

He could have just picked up a box for himself and come down to meet me. He didn’t have to call me and tell me they still had the ammo in stock; I’d never have known. But instead, he thought to call me and make sure that I could get another box.

This is what it’s all about.

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WWP Refuses Donations Again

It appears that the Wounded Warrior Project has done it again.

A church and school in Florida registered their fundraiser with the WWP and paid their registration fee. They were getting things set up for a special collection to be done on the last Sunday of this month. The kids in the school were donating their lunch money and getting involved, getting excited about this! One sixth grade class had already raised $400. But then, they received an email from the WWP stating that they “must decline the opportunity to be the beneficiary of your event due to our fundraising event criteria, which doesn’t allow community events to be religious in nature.” So now it’s off. WWP doesn’t get the projected $50,000 that the church thought it was going to be able to raise; the kids are disappointed, and people are left wondering just who it is that WWP thinks is good enough to donate to them.

First, they refused to accept money from any fund-raising that was done through or via groups associated with firearms. That caused many of us who support the Second Amendment to choose another place for our donations to go. At that time, their webpage FAQ did state “WWP fundraisers cannot be sexual, political, or religious in nature, and cannot be partnered with alcohol brands or the exchange of firearms….” Nevermind that many veterans, wounded or not, find shooting relaxing and a very good way to spend time. Nevermind that many of the fundraisers that were done by 2A supporters were not involved with the “exchange of firearms” either, but were simply people getting together on a weekend to spend the day turning money into smoke and noise and putting some of that money aside for the WWP.

Currently, the WWP webpage Proud Supporter FAQ (#19 specifically) states that “WWP fundraisers cannot be sexual or political in nature and cannot be partnered with alcohol brands.” It’s been changed from what it said 3 months ago. I don’t see anything there about being unable to accept donations from a church group. I don’t know if they changed it again in the past day or two to remove “religious”, but it’s not there now.

This is just one more reason for anyone who might consider WWP as a place for donations to consider another charity.

A few possible alternatives (many more out there):

Soldiers’ Angels

Wish for Our Heroes

Honored American Veterans Afield



On Facebook, WWP is stating only this in answer to all comments regarding the issue (and repeating it multiple times):

“We did turn down this potential fundraiser because it did not fit several of our giving guidelines for community events. Unfortunately, we mistakenly communicated to the church that the event was turned down because we do not accept donations from religious groups, which is not the case. We work with many diverse groups to honor and empower Wounded Warriors, including religious groups. We have called the church to apologize for any confusion.”

I’ve read their entire FAQ page. I’m still not sure what parts of their giving guidelines it does not fit.

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Mail Call!

I was wondering if the appearance of this…


in my mailbox signals that I just might have a problem. Apparently, they appreciate the amount of money that I’ve spent there this year.

Then again, that’s just a catalog to entice me into spending more money.

My local gun shop sent me a gun mat for Christmas because I spend so much money there. Thot only considered that a problem because he didn’t get one, too!

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Last Night

Now this is the way to spend an evening… Sitting at home with Thot, online in #gbc, and listening to the Squirrel Report, with a very fine Kentucky bourbon and home-made caramel-filled apple cider cookies, still warm from the oven!


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