Best Days

Some holidays really do seem to be more created than organic. I had never heard of “Sweetest Day” until I moved to the midwest. Even Valentine’s Day seems to be to be at least somewhat driven by the idea that “if you don’t do this TODAY OF ALL DAYS…”, you’ve failed.

To me, that’s not what a relationship is. Or rather, it’s not what a good relationship should be. Love and caring and sharing should be every day, not simply on one day that is set aside so that Hallmark and American Greetings can sell cards.

Yesterday was awesome. But not because I got roses or chocolate or some flowery sentiments pre-printed on a pink and red card. My guy called me from our local gun store to tell me that they still had the 100 round boxes of .223 ammo in stock (and at pre-panic prices, no less!), but it was 1 box/person…did I want to drive up and meet him there so I could get another box for myself? (I’d told him the day before that they had the ammo in, but I could only get 1 box at the time, and he was at work. He was stopping to see if it was still there so he could at least pick up a box for himself.)

He could have just picked up a box for himself and come down to meet me. He didn’t have to call me and tell me they still had the ammo in stock; I’d never have known. But instead, he thought to call me and make sure that I could get another box.

This is what it’s all about.

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One thought on “Best Days

  1. Ah sweet 🙂

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