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Highland Games

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day… Or perhaps a day better suited to late fall. Of course, it was the end of July, but who’s quibbling?

Either way, it was a great day to head to the renaissance faire! The one around here isn’t one of the biggest; you have to head to the other end of the state for that, but it is set in a lovely wooded area, so that even the hottest of summer days aren’t bad, and a day like yesterday, with its patchy clouds, is near to heaven.

This year, there was no jousting. Instead, on the jousting field, they had Highland Games, requiring audience participation! Of course, they get guys by the boatload down on the field, but few of the girls want to play. I wonder why… Who doesn’t want to toss a rock and a caber around?!? Well, I was one of 4 girls who volunteered.

Rock Toss

We really did use a 16-pound rock.

Caber Turn

We did, however, use the “ladies’ caber”. Quite a bit lighter and shorter than a standard one. Still amazingly fun to toss, though! And I did manage to turn it properly and land it just at 12 o’clock.

Win Circle

The victory celebration! (Thot almost had to rescue me from the Scottish redheads…)

But he got his turn later. He found sharp pointy things to throw.


And a fun day was had by all…

P.S. We found a new friend for a friend. She had kind eyes.


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Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

I was sleeping. The growling of thunder was getting louder and more steady, intruding itself ever more insistently into my consciousness, slowly prying me awake. I burrowed deeper under the fluffy blanket, pulling several layers of it up over my ears. But then the rain began, just a few drops at first, so I let my ears out from under the blanket, hoping to be lulled back to sleep. The rain pounded down harder, slapping and pinging on the roof. The thunder crashed and shook the house.

I gave up and got out of bed.


It wasn’t raining; it was hailing. Quarter-sized hail, some of it, in the middle of July. No wonder I couldn’t get back to sleep!

And 5 minutes later, it was sunny again.

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In My Neighbor’s Front Yard

I was driving home today and took a small detour to check on the new houses going up on the side street near my house. As I returned and pulled up to the stop sign, I looked out of my window into my neighbor’s front yard.

Now I understand why some of their plants have been looking a little ragged lately!


And she didn’t seem to care that I was all but falling out of my car window to take pictures of her, either. Talk about tame…

Image 1

After a few minutes, she took off and ran off…right into my back yard.

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In My Back Yard

I came home from running errands this evening to see a large shadow fly past the kitchen window. The flight pattern wasn’t that of the usual blackbird, so I ran to the window, hoping to catch a glimpse of a hawk on the tree branch just outside.


Not a hawk.

This is probably the culprit who likes to divebomb my head when I forget to take my trash out to the street before 2am. I decide to retaliate by taking pictures!

But then he quit googling back at me and dove down to the grass…


I’m not sure if that’s a very large worm or a small snake, but in either case, he’s welcome to dinner! He went back to the tree branch and disposed of the wiggler in about 3 quick gulps. I stepped outside to get a better view, since he didn’t want to step out from the leaves for his close-up, and he let me get a few quick snaps before he flew off into the sunset.

The other morning, I had more ground-bound visitors!


The blur at the bottom of the pic is the frame of my kitchen window. I was shooting almost straight down at the sidewalk directly outside the back of my house to get these cuties. Their mom saw me in the window and waved her wings at me, then just kept walking in closer, bringing her little ones up for a quick hello that day. I think they’ve been roosting under the deck at night.

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