In My Back Yard

I came home from running errands this evening to see a large shadow fly past the kitchen window. The flight pattern wasn’t that of the usual blackbird, so I ran to the window, hoping to catch a glimpse of a hawk on the tree branch just outside.


Not a hawk.

This is probably the culprit who likes to divebomb my head when I forget to take my trash out to the street before 2am. I decide to retaliate by taking pictures!

But then he quit googling back at me and dove down to the grass…


I’m not sure if that’s a very large worm or a small snake, but in either case, he’s welcome to dinner! He went back to the tree branch and disposed of the wiggler in about 3 quick gulps. I stepped outside to get a better view, since he didn’t want to step out from the leaves for his close-up, and he let me get a few quick snaps before he flew off into the sunset.

The other morning, I had more ground-bound visitors!


The blur at the bottom of the pic is the frame of my kitchen window. I was shooting almost straight down at the sidewalk directly outside the back of my house to get these cuties. Their mom saw me in the window and waved her wings at me, then just kept walking in closer, bringing her little ones up for a quick hello that day. I think they’ve been roosting under the deck at night.

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2 thoughts on “In My Back Yard

  1. dixie


  2. How cool! Thanks for sharing.

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