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Oh Yes It Is!!!

The rifle is fully as much fun as I’d hoped it would be. Even though we couldn’t get onto the 200 yard range today, I didn’t even hesitate to start all the way out at 100 yards. She is a joy to shoot…very well-balanced, little recoil, gentle trigger. I don’t even know all the right things to say. But YAYAYAY!!!!


I started with some brightly colored poster board that I’d drawn lines on, but that was too easy. We’d picked up a cheap (meaning partially broken) box of mini-clays at Cabela’s yesterday, so I set up a line of about 20 of them on a truck tire.


It was like taking candy from a baby. They were falling like dominoes. Some of them even went flying after they got shot (I know, I know…not the usual for a clay) but still worth a giggle. I had to go out and set up another batch and do it all over again.


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Oh, the Fun We Shall Have!

I’ve been waiting for this. Some would say somewhat less patiently than I might, but I’ve been trying to be good. And she finally arrived!

I about had to pry her out of the hands of the guys at the LGS, they were so delighted by her. They copied the business card many times over, and some of them even snuck away to look at the website while I was waiting on my “Proceed”.

Scope mounted. Bipod on. Plans to head to the range on Sunday. Not much more I could ask from a weekend.




Thanks, Wally!

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