Oh, the Fun We Shall Have!

I’ve been waiting for this. Some would say somewhat less patiently than I might, but I’ve been trying to be good. And she finally arrived!

I about had to pry her out of the hands of the guys at the LGS, they were so delighted by her. They copied the business card many times over, and some of them even snuck away to look at the website while I was waiting on my “Proceed”.

Scope mounted. Bipod on. Plans to head to the range on Sunday. Not much more I could ask from a weekend.




Thanks, Wally!

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3 thoughts on “Oh, the Fun We Shall Have!

  1. Doubletrouble

    It even has the happy switch?!

    • Wally

      I would hate to run a beautiful match barrell like that in full auto.
      happy switches are doable but they are very expensive as a result of the 1986 ban.

  2. Sadly, no. No -actual- happy switch… It’s just dreaming of a day when it could.

    But Wally is only too happy to customize things “as if”!

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