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It Makes Everything Better!

Even having to go to work…

One of our (mine and my guy’s) favorite restaurants does grilled cheese. And when I say it “does grilled cheese”, I mean that it puts two slices of thick bread around just about anything you can think of, adds some cheese in there, and puts it on a grill. Bacon and eggs? Sure. Want to add a burger patty? Done. Pierogies and sauerkraut? You got it. Meatballs, fried mozzarella wedges, and marinara? Absolutely. (You get the idea.)

We’d been there earlier in the month, and we wouldn’t usually have gone back again quite so soon. A half a sandwich and some fries is plenty enough for a meal; the second half sandwich is a meal for later. But February was an odd month. Instead of the usual “monthly special”, they had 4 different monthly specials, each one only for a few days. The last 5 days of the month were devoted to a bacon lover’s dream.

The sandwich was called “The 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon Melt”. And yes, it had 6 types of bacon in it. Two types of cheese. Tomato and lettuce. All between two slices of thick bread. And then grilled. It was amazing.

Bacon Melt1

And perhaps the best part was that I had the second half to take to work with me.

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Chambered in 5.7xUnicorn

Why? Because I want it!

I’ve been pondering for months the possibility of getting my hands on an FN Five-Seven. Not nearly badly enough to special order one, especially because I’ve never held one, never wrapped my hands around one, never gotten to fiddle around with one, but every time I think of it, I check the counter at the LGS to see if they’ve got one.

Nope. Never. Not a chance. Those things are scarer than…well…scarcer than unicorn tears. The ammunition for them has been back in stock for some time, at least enough so that its purchase is pretty much unrestricted (other than the still-standing 10-box limit on all ammo). But the pistol itself? Neither seen nor heard from.

Until today, that is. I just glanced into the case and saw a Five-SeveN sitting there! One of the guys pulled it out for me, and I started fiddling with it, trying to see how I liked it (-if- I liked it), how it fit my hands, all of that. I’d barely set it back on the counter and told him that I liked it just fine and that I would love to exchange my hard-earned cash for their nice shiny gun before 2 other people attempted to buy it. Turns out, that was the last one they had. So…MINE!


And it followed me home. (My guy says that it figures I’d finally get a gun that’s chambered in 5.7xUnicorn. And I said that’s just fine with me…because a whole bunch of boxes of Unicorn ammo followed me home, too.)

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For Want of a Bolt…

This was definitely the year to buy a snowplow. A couple of months ago, I sunk the money into a Polaris ATV with a detachable plow assembly on the front, and since then, my driveway has actually been fun to clean up this winter.

Until today.

Last night dumped another big, heavy load of wet snow, and with what had been on the driveway for the past few days, there was enough that I was doing shorter pushes across instead of long pushes up and down. Something still wasn’t quite right with how the plow was acting, but every time I climbed down to take a look, nothing seemed to be wrong with it.

And then it went “SPROING!!!”

That time, I didn’t even have to climb down to see what was wrong. The bolt assembly at the bottom of the big spring on the back of the plow at the left side had buried itself in the left front wheel. The entire plow was turned almost 45 degrees to the left. And I couldn’t budge it. Not one single inch. (I do wish I’d thought to take pictures, but I was too busy trying not to panic!)

This thing was now blocking my half-unplowed driveway…immobile as a boulder and too big for me to drive around. And I’ve got to get to work tonight! Luckily, the dealer came through for me. They sent someone out with a trailer to pick it up for repairs. Of course, having him tell me he’d never seen anyone get their plow stuck quite so far out of position did nothing to make me feel any better, but after we managed to pry it all apart, he showed me where a bolt had come out.

So it’s not my fault. A bolt took a wander, the spring decided to *sproing*, and amazingly enough, the tire isn’t flat after taking a 3″ bolt into the side of it.

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