Weapon of Mass Consumption

Last week, my favorite baking source had a sale. Free shipping. And when flour comes in 3 pound and 5 pound bags, shipping gets pricey in a hurry if I don’t wait for this to come around.

I bought quite a bit of several different kinds of flour, as I’ve found a few new recipes that I want to try. I feel the need to branch out a bit, and with the warmer weather arriving, I’m hoping to feel a bit more like doing -stuff-.

I also bought a couple of specialty baking pans…a scone pan (because I’m a little tired of glumpy-looking scones) and a popover pan. The popover pan even came with a free box mix to try. I was a bit doubtful, but I decided to give it a try tonight.


I added in a bit of grated Grand Cru cheese to each one, just for a bit of flavor. They popped amazingly well, but despite that, they were a bit heavy on the inside. Next time, I’ll use my tried-and-true recipe.

Still worth it, though.

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5 thoughts on “Weapon of Mass Consumption

  1. oldnfo

    Looking good though! And FOOD… 🙂

  2. THOTpolice

    I should charge for all the post titles I give you 😛

  3. mrs doubletrouble

    We buy flour and sugar at Costco in the giant bags. It’s cheaper than the supermarket, and I just put it in smaller ziplocks and storage bin. It might work for you too!
    –Mrs doubletrouble

    • That would work, but I usually don’t use quite -that- much flour, and KA runs free shipping specials fairly often. I don’t think I’ve ever had to pay shipping yet. (But I will keep Costco in mind!)

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