Recently Overheard

While sitting at my doctor’s office… “Global warming doesn’t mean it’s going to get warmer, you know!” Said by a hippie-looking older woman who then began expounding on just how evil the oil and gas industries are and how they are ruining the world. *sighs*

While wandering the grocery… “I’m about ready for an equatorial vortex! All of those polar vortexes this winter really got me down.” Never did catch sight of who said that, but I couldn’t agree more!

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2 thoughts on “Recently Overheard

  1. oldnfo

    Where DO they get these idjits???

  2. The sad part is that Al Gore became insanely rich simply by pandering to these people, and no matter how many times he has personally been proven wrong, no one in the media ever dares to call him on it.

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