New Tramp Stamp?

I was out and about today and saw quite a few teen girls with tattoos. Not exactly a new phenomenon; I see them often enough at work, but today, it struck me as a little odd.

Maybe it’s just because the weather was warmer, or maybe because summer might actually be almost here, but I saw an ungodly number of tattoos on the back of the necks of these young girls. None of them were sporting ink in the usual location of a tramp stamp (and yes, they’d have been visible!) or any other place that I could see, and the images varied from a cross to wings to a few notes from a song to a heart with a date under it (not the girl’s own birthdate, as it was just a few years ago).

Has this become the new tramp stamp? Easy to cover up with longer hair but easy to show off if desired?

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2 thoughts on “New Tramp Stamp?

  1. oldnfo

    Not a clue, but if it’s a black widow spider, I’m not getting near her… 🙂

  2. This article is useless without pics. Pics of trampy girls, please.

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