In Search Of…


I’m a confirmed and long-standing adrenaline junkie. I’ve known this for years. My hobbies reflect this; I learned to surf in high school. I ski. I shoot. I ride horses. I’ve gone white-water rafting on rivers nearby and far (even up in Alaska).

And my job was perfect for someone who needed a regular dose of adrenaline. Sure, lots of nights were dull and boring, the routine…just sniffles, colds, ankle sprains, and the like, but when it all hit the fan, that’s when the ER shines. That’s why I loved what I did. That’s when we made a real difference.

Now I just have to find my adrenaline in more…mundane ways. I’ll survive. And maybe find some new hobbies in the doing.

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5 thoughts on “In Search Of…

  1. Gary Griffin

    ER can be an adrenaline junky’s wet dream. When I was younger I lived for that moment when I was totally juiced and time seemed to stand still. I’m an old man now and I still miss it so. Gary

  2. Murphy's Law

    So when do you want to come flying? Murphy has been bragging to Belle about the BBQ place that you took him to…

    • Love to! Just have to get down there sometime… And maybe even bring some BBQ for Belle, too. 🙂

  3. LOL, you’ll find ‘something’ to replace it… Remember, experience is nothing more than mistakes one survives… 🙂

    • I’m sure I’ll find several “somethings” to replace it. It’s just a matter of going looking, and sometimes, the looking is all the fun, too.

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