I had errands to do today.

Wait. Make that Errands, with a capital ‘E’.

I put 150+ miles on the truck and spent almost 4 hours behind the wheel as I traipsed from the east side of Big City to far out west, then down to Small City to drop off my forgotten pager (which I’d never turned in, because I never remembered that I even owned it!), and then finally back home again.

I’m not often up in Big City, though, and definitely not far enough up to be at the lakeshore. Today, though, I was driving right up by it for several miles at a couple of places. I’ve never seen it frozen solid before. From shore to horizon, solid ice. Nothing was moving out there, as far as I could see.

I drove past several buildings with “exclusive condominiums” and “expensive apartments” on the lake. I’ve always figured those would be really cool to live in, to be able to look out on the lake and see the boats and ships going by.

Today, though, I realized just how desolate the landscape would be for 3 or 4 months a year. You’d sure see the snow coming, when it blows in off the lake! Not sure I’d want one of those places, after all… Or if I did, I’d have to turn the heat -way- up some of these icy cold days!

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One thought on “Desolate

  1. LOL, now you know the ‘downside’ of living there… šŸ™‚

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