I often joke that I always behave…that sometimes, I just behave badly.

Over the weekend, though, at the NRAAM, I was witness to one of the more egregious episodes of truly bad behavior that I’ve seen in a while. Most people seem to understand that they need to keep their clothes on in public situations, especially when removing them (either partially or completely) will reflect poorly not only on them but also on others, but it seems that there is at least one person who has not gotten that memo.

In the Press Room at NRAAM, I was sitting at one of the tables near the middle of the room when I looked up to see Robert Farago, from The Truth About Guns, stand up behind the table in the far back corner of the room. He lifted his shirt, unbuckled his belt, unzipped his jeans, and pulled his jeans about halfway down his hips. He then tucked his shirt in, pulled his jeans back up, zipped them up, and buckled his belt once again.

When confronted about this, he was unrepentant and didn’t seem to care that he had just partially exposed himself to a roomful of people. As a female, I was very offended by this, by his callous disregard for anyone else in the room at the time. As a blogger who is very much for gun rights and the 2nd Amendment, I was horrified by his actions; had there been anyone in the press room at the time who was looking for something to negative to write about, his choosing to act like that in public could have provided exactly what they were looking for. And as a member of the NRA, I was insulted that someone would be so ill-mannered as to do that in a room full of people.

Given who it was, however, I supposed I shouldn’t be surprised by his bad behavior and lack of concern for anyone other than himself. He certainly has a past history of misconduct in the blogging world, to the point of being boycotted by many bloggers. This latest little trick of his will certainly earn him no new friends.

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12 thoughts on “Behaving

  1. Murphy's Law

    I do have the video of you confronting him over that. Didn’t know who he was before, but I’m hardly impressed now. Perhaps next year, NRA can put him and The Drama Hobbit in their own press room…across town and far away from the rest of us.

  2. Concur with Murph… we DO NOT need that crap…

  3. Exactly. Not only would anyone looking for something negative to write about have jumped all over that, there were KIDS in and out of the press room all weekend long, which makes what he did even worse (if that’s possible).

    As gun owners, we’re expected to be responsible adults. As those who write about guns (and thus represent the nameless and faceless multitudes), we must be more upstanding and principled so as not to tarnish those we represent by our actions.

  4. Well, Farago’s shown his ass all over the blogosphere.

    I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that he’s willing to do the same in carbon-space as well…

  5. Murphy's Law

    Sorry Caleb, but “The Drama Hobbit” is an inside joke meant primarily for a group of people who were at last year’s convention and/or this one and who witnessed some rather immature and disturbing behavior either or both times on the part of a person whom I won’t dignify by naming here on this otherwise unsoiled blog. It definitely wasn’t directed at you and I’m puzzled as to why you might think so. Unless my memory is faulty, we’ve never met, have we?

    • Huh, for once I was wrong. Knowing that, it’s not me, I also now have a 100% bead on who the Drama Hobbit actually is.

      The reason I might mistake it for me is 1) I’m short, and 2) frequently associated with drama. Mostly because I like to kick people’s canoes from time to time for shits and giggles.

      Canoe kicking for example: Hey Pediem, how come you didn’t mention that you dropped a dollar next to Robert and said “thanks for the show?” Worried that would have made your outrage look a little less righteous?

      See? That’s the kind of drama I normally do.

  6. No, Caleb, it’s not about you. I didn’t even see you this year, and as far as I know, you weren’t out causing drama and hullabaloo. Or if you were, I didn’t trip over it…

  7. Farm.Dad

    Nahh Caleb, She just didn’t want anyone to know how cheap she is that it wasnt a $5

  8. THOTpolice

    -Caleb. Nahhh we are waiting for the epic video to be posted.

  9. Farmmom

    From the pic’s I’ve seen I think she overpaid

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