BAG Day 2015

I was just a bit early with my BAG Day gun this year, but it seems to have become a tradition to stop at Big Green Sporting Store on the way home from NRAAM to see what they have in the way of guns. Last year, I found a S&W Performance Center 15-22 on the Clearance rack; got it for a very nice price.

This year, the BF and I got to BGSS just about 30 minutes before closing. I figured there was no way either one of us would find something in time to get the paperwork done before store closing, but looking at guns is never a waste of time, and even if there’s nothing pretty on the used long guns rack, there’s always the Library to peek into.

But I got stopped at the Clearance rack again this year. I’m a lefty, and left-handed bolt guns are hard to come by, at least without waiting months and months for a special order gun. Finding a lefty-bolt sitting on a rack anywhere makes me smile, and seeing one on the Clearance rack about made me dance. (Yes, right in the middle of BGSS!)

I ended up walking out with a Remington 700 in .30-06 (yet another new caliber for me) with the X-Mark Pro adjustable trigger (which does not need recall work) in a lefty-bolt for a very nice price. And I got the paperwork done and the rifle paid for just as the store closed!

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4 thoughts on “BAG Day 2015

  1. Murphy's Law

    Oh, very nice snag indeed. And 30-06 is truly America’s rifle cartridge. Gonna reload? I got recipes.

  2. I have plans to, yes. Eventually. I pretty much have to start, because I have the .300BLK rifle and that’s just too pricey not to reload for. I got pretty much an entire reloading setup for Christmas last year…just need to get it all set up and going downstairs at some point.

  3. Doubletrouble

    +1 on what Murphy said! G-d’s own cartridge, Old Testament.

    .30-’06 is a great cartridge, & didn’t suffer the ‘disappearing’ act like all the mil-type ammo did, last time.
    Do reload, though; you probably won’t save much money because you’ll shoot more.

  4. Nice!!! And yes, get with Murph on recipes!!!

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