Getting Angry Works

I have to say that a muchly re-written angry letter to the “contact us” form of Summa Health System produced amazing results. And I would be remiss in not applauding them for stepping up and doing the right thing.

In 2015, I had individual (not group) insurance, so I spent much of the year discussing with medical entities the need to resubmit claims to the proper address. I tried to stay on top of these things, but apparently one slipped through the cracks.

I arrived home one day last week to find a letter from a collections agency for 2 (not just one, but TWO) separate bills from LabCare Plus from July of last year. When I called the LabCare Plus number to discuss it, I was told that it was my fault, that they’d submitted it once, that they wouldn’t do it again, that I needed to have my insurance company call them before they’d do anything, and that they wouldn’t remove it from collections regardless.

It took me almost 3 hours on the phone, and at least an hour with my insurance company sitting on the phone with me attempting to talk with LabCare Plus. They insisted that they’d sent me several bills initially, but that they “didn’t send out bills that were past-due” and that they “just sent them to collections”. Even though the gentleman from my insurance company assured them that they would be paid if they just resubmitted the bills, they refused to take it back from collections until it had been paid.

Because of this, I wrote my angry letter. I received a phone call yesterday from someone fairly high up at Summa Health. She could not apologize enough times for how poorly I was treated. They have forgiven the entire debt and will not even bill my insurance company at this point, and they have removed it from the collection company.

While LabCare Plus apparently needs their craniorectal inversion fixed, I can’t say enough in favor of Summa Health.

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3 thoughts on “Getting Angry Works

  1. rick

    A trip to ER in 2011 (acute bronchial infection) yielded three separate billings. 1st to the ER, 2nd to the hospital, 3rd to the lead treating physician. The 1st was paid upon discharge but I still received in the mail a notice for past due. I called to say I had already paid it and have receipt to prove it. They said to just ignore it, all their mailings go out as past due notices. The 2nd arrived in the mail nearly two months after treatment. I called and they said I misunderstood. The ER is NOT part of the hospital, they share facilities but separate organizations. I asked why is that.* The 3rd bill arrived in the mail but from a collection agency. That collection agency is a department of the hospital. Yes, the hospital does it’s own collections in-house. I protested that I was not notified of this at time of treatment nor had I received a bill, besides the Dr is an employee of the hospital. They explained why they Dr is billed separately.*

    *Obamacare. The hospital beancounters had found that by splitting services into separate billings they could avoid certain taxes associated with that cluster eff. But that didn’t explain why billings automatically went to billing. Oh yes it does, they insisted. It is because services placed in past due accounts made fiscal sense vis a vis Odumasscare, that such accounts are managed separate from routine hospital administration. It was enough to make my head spin so I didn’t delve into it any further.

    • I’ve seen things like what happened to you. It’s not right.

      I’m a physician, and when even a physician who is well trained in coding and billing (it’s an interest of mine, and I’ve taken multiple classes in it) can’t figure out how to pay my own medical bills and avoid getting sent to collections, there is something very wrong with the medical system.

  2. Glad you got it sorted, but I’d STILL keep an eye on the credit agencies for a collections notice…

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