In the words of one of my favorite songs…”who do I want to be today; who do I want to be?” If I could answer that question once and for all, life would be boring. At the moment, I’m a 40-some year old ER doc in the Midwest. I discovered my inner redneck after living in the South for several years, so I shoot, I ride horses, and I listen to country music. And I believe that fantasy and dreams can be brought to life.

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  1. Brandon Black

    G’afternoon – sorry to but you via a comment like this but I couldn’t find an email address.

    Brandon writing from AmmoToGo.com. I hope you’re well and the debate in your class about firearms went well. I imagine that’s a pretty controversial side to play on most college campuses.

    I’m writing because I thought you’d appreciate a new initiative that will put 100,000 rounds of 9mm ammo into the hands of new shooters for free. We’re calling it “Ammo Ambassadors” and any shooter who takes a newbie to the range will get the free ammo.

    We want to make it as easy as possible for people already familiar with shooting and guns to bring somebody who has never shot before to the range and safely teach them about firearms. With an election just around the corner, the more people we can inspire to get familiar with what gun owners actually do with their firearms, the better – especially in this political environment.

    Here’s how it’ll work:
    Find a new shooter who hasn’t been to the range and experienced the joy of shooting before.
    Download a target off our site and take them to the range.
    Snap a photo of the new shooter with their target and upload it to our site.
    You’ll get a coupon code that’s good for two boxes of free 9mm ammo from Magtech – along with free shipping.
    We have 100,000 rounds of Magtech 9mm ready to ship right now. We’re hoping to find 1,000 Ammo Ambassadors to take 1,000 new shooters out to the range in the next few weeks.

    The details and the target are available here:

    If you think it’s worthy, we’d love for you to take advantage of the program or share it with your readers if you think they’d be interested. If you like, I’d even be willing to send you a few coupon codes to share with your readers however you see fit. In either case, thank you for taking the time to consider it.


    Brandon Black

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