BAG Day 2015

I was just a bit early with my BAG Day gun this year, but it seems to have become a tradition to stop at Big Green Sporting Store on the way home from NRAAM to see what they have in the way of guns. Last year, I found a S&W Performance Center 15-22 on the Clearance rack; got it for a very nice price.

This year, the BF and I got to BGSS just about 30 minutes before closing. I figured there was no way either one of us would find something in time to get the paperwork done before store closing, but looking at guns is never a waste of time, and even if there’s nothing pretty on the used long guns rack, there’s always the Library to peek into.

But I got stopped at the Clearance rack again this year. I’m a lefty, and left-handed bolt guns are hard to come by, at least without waiting months and months for a special order gun. Finding a lefty-bolt sitting on a rack anywhere makes me smile, and seeing one on the Clearance rack about made me dance. (Yes, right in the middle of BGSS!)

I ended up walking out with a Remington 700 in .30-06 (yet another new caliber for me) with the X-Mark Pro adjustable trigger (which does not need recall work) in a lefty-bolt for a very nice price. And I got the paperwork done and the rifle paid for just as the store closed!

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Liar, Liar

So apparently, National Tell a Story Day is a thing.  And it happens on 27 April, which is during baseball season.  Barely, but it is.  (National Tell a Lie Day, however, is not; it’s just a shade early, because it’s during the first week of April.)

The local minor league baseball team’s PR guys get full points for figuring this out.  The Akron Rubber Ducks are having “Brian Williams’ Pants-on-Fire Night” on 27 April, for National Tell a Story Day.  The first pitch will be thrown out by someone named Brian Williams (anyone with that name is welcome to show up and apply for the chance).  A local with that name will read tall tales during the game.  The first 100 fans will receive suspenders.  There will be on-field contests between innings, such as “To Tell the Truth” and “Two Truths and a Brian Williams” (aka Two Truths and a Lie).  And they’ll be burning a pair of pants at some point during the game.

I may just have to take myself to see a game and enjoy all of the festivities!

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Looking Forward

Today, I’m putting on my big girl pants and moving on. There’ll still be days when I may cry for what I’ve lost; I’d not be human if I didn’t miss what I had, but it’s time to look forward now.

I got new hearing aids yesterday. AND THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT!!! Yes, they pair with my phone, and I can control just about every aspect of how they function with an app. (And I will hurt y’all who are already plotting to hack my hearing aids. Just sayin’. *giggles*) It’s amazing how loud the world is, though. I’d forgotten that snow squeaks when you walk on it. Traffic makes noise when it goes by in the road. The turn signal in my truck makes noise. I can even stream music to my hearing aids!

I’m also starting to get things ready for starting school in the fall. I’m getting my home office set up as a cozy study zone, cleaning out everything I don’t need and bringing in everything I want and will use. I’ve started a study course that will brush up my study skills between now and then, because it’s been 20-*mumble* years since I was in school, and studying for the occasional exam since then doesn’t count. I am planning on doing a self-study course in basic statistics so that I won’t start out behind the 8-ball for my biostats course in the fall.

I’ve also got a busy few months ahead. I’ll be spending some time down with family. Looking forward to going to NRA in Nashville. Heading to Alaska for 2 weeks at one point. More family is coming to town (one nephew is baseball crazy and the All-Star game is on the schedule!). A friend is marrying off two daughters and I’m her general dogsbody for both weddings. And somewhere in there, I’ve got new guns to shoot! It’s all gonna be a lot of fun.

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Range Report!

Over the past month, because of being gone for a conference and being gone visiting family (various iterations), I’ve developed a backlog of New Guns (ok, Guns New to Me) that needed to be taken to the range.

Today was the day.

The S&W 52 has been waiting the longest for its range trial, mainly due to the difficulty of finding .38 full wadcutters. They had to be ordered online, as none of the local gun stores carry them. But they had arrived and been stashed aside, in preparation for today. I’m still searching for a full instruction manual on the disassembly/reassembly of the gun, but I had been able to do at least some cleaning and oiling of it in the meantime.

It shoots a dream. The trigger exactly what you’d expect in a gun that was made for bullseye shooting, and it is indeed that accurate. My first 10 rounds, followed by a later 25 rounds.

S&W 52 (First 10)

S&W 52 (25 rounds)

Each magazine is limited to 5 rounds, so it’s easy to keep a round count. A box of 50 still goes way too fast. I’m going to need to quit caffeine on the days I want to shoot this one to its full potential!

Next up was the Colt Python…my first revolver. The grip is very different, speaking as someone who is used to only shooting semi-automatics, but I got the hang of it quickly. Sorry, OldNFO…I’m keeping this one! This is a shot of the first 20 rounds through that one.

Python (First 20)

I must say…it shoots amazingly well!

And here’s a shot of the Python sitting with the BF’s Trooper. Sort of a family outing for the revolvers today.

photo 3

The last new-to-me gun was the Colt Woodsman. Having only one magazine for it makes it a little cumbersome to put too many rounds through it, and it still needs a thorough cleaning, but it is a lot of fun. Finding the point of aim was a little more challenging on this one, because the sights are so tiny, but I got it nailed down fairly quickly. This is the first 10 shots through it.

Woodsman (First 10)

All in all, a great day at the range!

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Driving Home From My Parents’…

I apparently made one too many stops. It’s not a long trip, just over 200 miles, but there are a few tempting places to stop along the way.

At the Big Box Outdoor Store, there were several very tempting guns, but they were seriously overpriced (probably by at least 1/3, from what I could figure), even if old Colts and S&Ws do make me drool. I kept my hands (and my wallet) in my pocket and kept on driving.

Then I made the “mistake” of stopping at the main branch of our Local Gun Store. Their used gun case is a toss-up. Some days, it’s nothing but Glocks; other days, a real gem is hiding with its snout poking out just far enough to be seen between all of the others.

photo 2

This one was hiding almost all the way back on the bottom shelf, but it stuck out just far enough to be noticed. A little beat-up; a little dirty; a lot old…but what a beauty to find tucked under there!

photo 3

photo 1

It’s a first series Colt Woodsman, with a SN that dates it to around 1921, from the best I can figure. Definitely needs a good cleaning, but I’ve found instructions for how to dismantle it and get it back together successfully. I’ll also need to start hunting for more magazines (yes, I know…might as well wish for unicorn farts!). But I’m really looking forward to seeing this in action!

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NRA…”Shooter Self Care”

Part of the NRAAM that I’d been most looking forward to was Kelly Grayson’s “Shooter Self Care” class. He’d put a post up on his blog, A Day In the Life of An Ambulance Driver, one morning, saying that he’d be willing to teach a 4-hour class on shooter self-care and first aid. He wanted to limit it to 25 or so. Within 24 hours, he had an overflowing class at 32.

Kelly is a fantastic teacher, and I was delighted to finally be able to attend one of his classes. Although I may be an ER physician, when I’m dealing with gunshot wounds and other emergencies, I do it with the backing of a full trauma center surrounding me. It’s not often that I get a chance for an update on the newest theories and practices of how to handle pre-hospital emergencies.


Medicine is an art as much as anything, so the practice changes over time.
— Tourniquets used to be last-ditch and a “never!” sort of implement; now they’re just about first-line, especially given the advances in vascular surgery and limb repair.
— Basic CPR has changed. There used to be all sorts of ratios between breaths and compressions for 1 and 2 rescuers. Now it’s all compressions, all the time. 100 beats per minute. Hard, fast, and deep. (And if you can’t figure out what 100 beats per minute is, sing “Staying Alive” in your head. Or “Another One Bites the Dust”. They both fit the rhythm.)
— Electricity is key. AEDs are cheap and plentiful and found in many (?most) public places now. And they’re easy to work. I’ve had to use one on a plane before, and THEY WORK.


I think everyone (save one) really enjoyed the class and got a lot out of it. Kelly doesn’t drone on and on as so many lecturers can (and so often do). His slides are well-organized and neat. His pictures were well-chosen and very representative of the injuries that he needed for us to see in order to be able to recognize what may be there out in the real world, should someone be injured by a gunshot at a range. As someone who sees the gunshot wounds that come to the ER, his pictures were hardly over the top in terms of blood and guts, nor were they examples of the worst that can happen out there. He would have done us all a great disservice had he not had the pictures in his lecture, especially when he was trying to demonstrate the differences between “looks ugly but won’t kill you NOW” and “will kill you RIGHT NOW” injuries.

And to the person in the front row who kept interrupting the class by squealing every time a new picture came up on the screen… Erin, put on your big girl panties. You carry a Glock. You run a prepping blog. You own a rifle and write about knives. What good do you think squealing and hiding your face is going to do when that Glock goes off and someone gets hit? What did you think you were going to see in a class titled “Shooter Self Care and First Aid”? Flowers and ponies? Get real. Life is, and it’s not going to stop for you and your precious sensibilities.

P.S. A huge thank you to Larry Weeks and Brownell’s for the snacks and goodies that kept us going during class!

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NRA…the Beginning

So I took a little trip this past weekend. I was in Indianapolis for the NRA Annual Meeting. It was my first, and despite all of the medical conferences I’ve attended (generally one/year for the past x years), I still underestimated the toll it would take on me.

Fun? Oh, my, yes! But draining, exhausting, and tiring, too. It’ll be another couple of days before I’m all caught up on energy, despite being used to being on my feet at work 7-8 hours every night.

And totally worth it to see good friends again and to meet so many new people! I never realized just how many people I know in the shooting world, and by extension, how many people -they- know. And now, I know even more of those people, too.

I’ll be putting up a few posts over the next few days as I get some of my thoughts back in order. For now, it’s just good to be home again.

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Highland Games

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day… Or perhaps a day better suited to late fall. Of course, it was the end of July, but who’s quibbling?

Either way, it was a great day to head to the renaissance faire! The one around here isn’t one of the biggest; you have to head to the other end of the state for that, but it is set in a lovely wooded area, so that even the hottest of summer days aren’t bad, and a day like yesterday, with its patchy clouds, is near to heaven.

This year, there was no jousting. Instead, on the jousting field, they had Highland Games, requiring audience participation! Of course, they get guys by the boatload down on the field, but few of the girls want to play. I wonder why… Who doesn’t want to toss a rock and a caber around?!? Well, I was one of 4 girls who volunteered.

Rock Toss

We really did use a 16-pound rock.

Caber Turn

We did, however, use the “ladies’ caber”. Quite a bit lighter and shorter than a standard one. Still amazingly fun to toss, though! And I did manage to turn it properly and land it just at 12 o’clock.

Win Circle

The victory celebration! (Thot almost had to rescue me from the Scottish redheads…)

But he got his turn later. He found sharp pointy things to throw.


And a fun day was had by all…

P.S. We found a new friend for a friend. She had kind eyes.


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NE Bloggershoot/Gun Show

Wow… That’s about all I can say. Well, no. I really can say more, but that about sums it all up. So much fun packed into a long weekend! Driving 24 hours total to spend 48 hours on-site up in New England might seem crazy to some, but to spend it with like-minded people doing the sort of things we all love so much (talking, sharing, and shooting) was worth every minute of it.

This was the first chance I’ve had to meet anyone other than THOT from the gunblogger/gunnie community. And what a list of people to meet… JayG, who organized it all, Doubletrouble and MrsDoubletrouble, who were kind enough to allow us to descend like locusts upon them, and Wally, who gave the ok to shoot my dad’s Winchester (which got me to “squeeeeee!” so loudly that almost everyone started laughing and someone commented that they didn’t usually hear joy like that until after the shooting had been done).

I met Bubblehead Les and Zercool, Cher and Mopar, Marko, The Senator, TOTWTYTR, ChristinaLMT, and so many more whose names I can’t remember but whose faces I’ll never forget!

I also met Sci-Fi, mrsSciFi, and littleSciFi. That day was littleSciFi’s first day to shoot, and she was having the time of her life! She went from her first shots with a small .22 to multiple 25-round magazines through my S&W 15-22 fearlessly. And to see the joy on her face as she bent over that Big Black Gun brought an answering smile to my face. I cheerfully played magazine monkey for her, filling those 25-round magazines for her over and over, each time she came to ask, “Could I please shoot the big black gun again?”

This is why we win. Because it’s fun, and we teach our young to do it safely and to do it well.

Two more pics… These are the “junk on the bunk” pics of what THOT and I dragged with us. Between us, 5 long guns and 11 hand guns. I wish I’d taken more pics of what everyone else at the shoot had spread out on tables, but I was having so much fun that I tended to forget about taking pictures half the time because I was talking to people or shooting or just looking around with wide eyes like a kid on Christmas morning.

Of all of the guns I had a chance to shoot, I’m torn over what was my favorite. In some ways, I do think it was my dad’s (now my) shotgun, a Winchester 21 Tournament Grade Skeet 20g. I shot it. THOT shot it. ZerCool shot it. JayG shot it. I believe a few others may’ve shot it, as well. It’s truly a beautiful gun, and I’m so glad that it’s finally back in use after 60+ years in a safe. But I also got to fire TWO full auto rifles! One in .223 and one in 9mm. They were both so much fun!!! (Thank you, Wally!) And I also got to fire JayG’s handgonne. That was awesome, just because of what it is…so simple, so elegant.

But the weekend is over for another year. I’m already counting the days!

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Oh, My Aching…

I’ve been a bit quiet here lately because I’m on a quick vacation. Yay!

I’m down in Georgia at one of my very favorite places in the world…a guest ranch where I can ride horses all day long. They have miles of trails between this ranch and the one next door that are open for guest use. The horses are very well-trained, but not just nags without brains (though they do have slowpokes for people who can’t ride a lick). And if you want to, it is allowed to trot and canter as long as the trails aren’t muddy.

Most of the horses here are paints and Appaloosas, with a sprinkling of other sorts such as Palominos, but my favorites are the Percherons. They have half a dozen or so of the big girls, and they are so much fun to ride! When they get going, the ground shakes underneath their feet, and they outrun the rest of the horses without half trying.

The only problem is that, because I don’t ride on a regular basis back home, I’m always just a wee bit sore when I’m down here. But it’s so worth it.

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