Day #3 NRAAM

So I’ve made it to day #3… My feet are tired but still game, and I’ve still a few more things I want to make sure I see, but it’s been a great weekend!

Benchmade is making custom knives! They don’t have a choice of blade tip, but you can pick your blade coating and the colors of the sides and back. They’ve got someone sitting there who will make it for you while you watch, even, if they’re not too backed up, or you can come back later and pick it up.

I spent a bit of time yesterday talking with Remington. They have a new pocket pistol, the RM380. It fits into my hands well enough, but the trigger pull is so long that my finger has to curl almost to the point of discomfort to hit the break. It does have a heavy trigger pull, as well, but not heavier than some of the other guns that I already own.

I also handled the R51 and spoke with one of the Remington guys about it. It’s been redesigned since the problems last year, and production will start soon at the Alabama plant. They’ve redesigned the part that was sticking, and they’ve replaced the trigger with a polymer one so that it won’t scratch. I like the trigger pull on this one; the ones that I handled had a nice, crisp break with a reset that can be felt. The slide still feels a bit rough, but I’m looking forward to seeing this one when it comes out over the summer.

I spent some time at Yankee Hill Machine booth, too. I already have their .30cal Ti suppressor, and I wanted to see what they had in other calibers. They have a very nice pistol-caliber suppressor, the Sidewinder, available in 9mm, .40, and .45, and their suppressors are user-servicable for maintenance. Now I just have to see about finding something to shoot that needs one of those new cans!

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NRA…”Shooter Self Care”

Part of the NRAAM that I’d been most looking forward to was Kelly Grayson’s “Shooter Self Care” class. He’d put a post up on his blog, A Day In the Life of An Ambulance Driver, one morning, saying that he’d be willing to teach a 4-hour class on shooter self-care and first aid. He wanted to limit it to 25 or so. Within 24 hours, he had an overflowing class at 32.

Kelly is a fantastic teacher, and I was delighted to finally be able to attend one of his classes. Although I may be an ER physician, when I’m dealing with gunshot wounds and other emergencies, I do it with the backing of a full trauma center surrounding me. It’s not often that I get a chance for an update on the newest theories and practices of how to handle pre-hospital emergencies.


Medicine is an art as much as anything, so the practice changes over time.
— Tourniquets used to be last-ditch and a “never!” sort of implement; now they’re just about first-line, especially given the advances in vascular surgery and limb repair.
— Basic CPR has changed. There used to be all sorts of ratios between breaths and compressions for 1 and 2 rescuers. Now it’s all compressions, all the time. 100 beats per minute. Hard, fast, and deep. (And if you can’t figure out what 100 beats per minute is, sing “Staying Alive” in your head. Or “Another One Bites the Dust”. They both fit the rhythm.)
— Electricity is key. AEDs are cheap and plentiful and found in many (?most) public places now. And they’re easy to work. I’ve had to use one on a plane before, and THEY WORK.


I think everyone (save one) really enjoyed the class and got a lot out of it. Kelly doesn’t drone on and on as so many lecturers can (and so often do). His slides are well-organized and neat. His pictures were well-chosen and very representative of the injuries that he needed for us to see in order to be able to recognize what may be there out in the real world, should someone be injured by a gunshot at a range. As someone who sees the gunshot wounds that come to the ER, his pictures were hardly over the top in terms of blood and guts, nor were they examples of the worst that can happen out there. He would have done us all a great disservice had he not had the pictures in his lecture, especially when he was trying to demonstrate the differences between “looks ugly but won’t kill you NOW” and “will kill you RIGHT NOW” injuries.

And to the person in the front row who kept interrupting the class by squealing every time a new picture came up on the screen… Erin, put on your big girl panties. You carry a Glock. You run a prepping blog. You own a rifle and write about knives. What good do you think squealing and hiding your face is going to do when that Glock goes off and someone gets hit? What did you think you were going to see in a class titled “Shooter Self Care and First Aid”? Flowers and ponies? Get real. Life is, and it’s not going to stop for you and your precious sensibilities.

P.S. A huge thank you to Larry Weeks and Brownell’s for the snacks and goodies that kept us going during class!

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Aging Gracefully

Apparently, I look young. Younger than my stated age. Much younger than my actual age, according to those who know me.

I’ll miss getting carded.

But if this is the last time I get carded, at least I’ll remember it well.

I got carded last week. At WalMart. For rifle ammo.

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Only Ones?

In speaking about a home burglary, where the burglars were scared off because one of the homeowners had an AR-15, Rochester (NY) Police Chief James Sheppard stated, “My druthers is that in every situation we encounter as police officers, we’re the only ones with guns. That would be the perfect scenario.”

This bothers me. This bothers me a lot. He wants to see every single person disarmed so that the police are the only ones who have guns.

There’s no way that he’s going to get all of the guns away from the criminals. Take a look at history to see how that worked with alcohol during Prohibition, or how well that is currently working with drugs.

That leaves honest citizens at a serious disadvantage. He wants us to have no way to defend ourselves when someone breaks into our homes or assaults us. He wants us to be at the mercy of those who have no mercy, who will not be bound by the law, who will take what is ours and hurt those we love.

This is not what the Second Amendment is about. It does not state that “only the police” get the guns. It does not create a class of “only ones” that have special powers. I have the right to defend myself and those I love. And I will fight for that right.

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== Tool?

This past weekend, I was able to attend my very first gun show. (Yes, I know…my education in such things has been greatly lacking. I’m attempting to make up for this, however, and being very much helped in such by someone who enjoys these things as much (maybe more?) than I do!)

Of course…what does one do at a gun show? One finds shiny pretty things!

Gun Show

A gentleman was selling his private collection and had this jewel sitting amongst his other dearly loved possessions. It caught my eye the first time we walked by, but I didn’t even stop then. When we went back after having been through the entire show grounds and it was still there, I knew I was sunk. It took some maneuvering, two trips to the bank (it was closed the first time) and 2 more trips back to the gun show (one the next day) to actually obtain it, but this is now MY lovely gun.

He said it had never been shot, and seeing the condition that it’s in, I can believe it. Part of me would like to leave it as-is, to keep it pristine and shiny and untouched…but I truly believe that guns are tools and are meant to be used. I’ve always said that I won’t buy a gun I don’t intend to shoot.

I’m going to enjoy shooting this one. I may just enjoy it being so very shiny and pretty for a little bit before I do.

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Sharp, Sticky, Pointy, Stabby Things (Part 1)

When my parents cleaned out their basement, preparatory to downsizing, one of the things my dad did was to divide up his assorted weapons. I got the Winchester shotgun (I’ll have pics of that another day); one brother got the other shotgun. He got the Civil War sword and something else stabby, and I got a cane sword, a special presentation sword (that I’m still trying to track down exactly who, what, and whyffor it was presented), and a bayonet. The bayonet had come from my dad’s dad, brought home from France during WWI, but beyond that, my dad didn’t know much.

Now, however, thanks to Roadkill (#gbc), I know a lot more! It is a French model 1886/15 bayonet with brass grips. It was made to be used on the Mle. 1886 Lebel rifle and carbine and the Mle. 1892 Berthier rifle and carbine. The cruciform blade made the wounds harder to heal. Mine does not have the hooked quillion, nor does it have a removable handle. Mine also seems to lack any sort of stamp or markings on it.

Model 1886/15 (1)

Model 1886/15 (2)

Model 1886/15 (3)

Model 1886/15 (4)

Model 1886/15 (5)

Thanks again, Roadkill!

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