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Reach Out and Touch It

Been a bit since I wrote anything on here… Been busy… Had some stuff come up… Sometimes hard to know how much to spill without it being too much information, stuff people don’t want to know, or too hard to talk about just yet.

But yesterday, after a round trip drive of 5+ hours in the truck, in the pouring rain for most of it, dodging the big rigs and stupid drivers, I made it home with my remade rifle. I took my Savage .308 11/111 and brought it to Fred out at Sharp Shooter Supply. He turned it into a custom long-range bench rifle.

6Br Savage

It now shoots 6Br, so it’ll definitely reach out there. The barrel is 26″ with an integral muzzle brake and a 1:8 twist. The stock is walnut that he carved himself. And the bolt has fishnet fluting on it. I still need to find a scope for it, as the one sitting on it is the scope that came on the .308 when I bought it.

Can’t wait to get to the range!

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BAG Day 2015

I was just a bit early with my BAG Day gun this year, but it seems to have become a tradition to stop at Big Green Sporting Store on the way home from NRAAM to see what they have in the way of guns. Last year, I found a S&W Performance Center 15-22 on the Clearance rack; got it for a very nice price.

This year, the BF and I got to BGSS just about 30 minutes before closing. I figured there was no way either one of us would find something in time to get the paperwork done before store closing, but looking at guns is never a waste of time, and even if there’s nothing pretty on the used long guns rack, there’s always the Library to peek into.

But I got stopped at the Clearance rack again this year. I’m a lefty, and left-handed bolt guns are hard to come by, at least without waiting months and months for a special order gun. Finding a lefty-bolt sitting on a rack anywhere makes me smile, and seeing one on the Clearance rack about made me dance. (Yes, right in the middle of BGSS!)

I ended up walking out with a Remington 700 in .30-06 (yet another new caliber for me) with the X-Mark Pro adjustable trigger (which does not need recall work) in a lefty-bolt for a very nice price. And I got the paperwork done and the rifle paid for just as the store closed!

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Two is One…?

Entirely by accident, I seem to be practicing this theory. Either that, or I need lessons in how to shop.

I’ve been trying to lay my hands on an H&R Sportster in .22LR for a bit. I wanted a single-shot rifle as a project gun, in the end to be paired with my new suppressor. I’d even gone so far as to place an order for one at LGS, only to be told that “they’re not making those anymore”. I followed up with H&R myself, only to be told that, sure enough, they’re not making that model anymore. At that point, my search became a little more urgent.

I found another store with availability of the Sportster online, so I placed my order. Great! Wait a week for shipping, wait for the phone call, and go pick it up. Simple. No problem. Can’t miss.

Got the phone call today and went to pick it up. The guy at the gun counter handed me the rifle; I looked it over for a minute and then filled out the forms. After the transfer was completed, the guy said something about “.22 Win Mag”.

*blink* *blink* “What?”

“.22 Win Mag.”

“I thought I ordered this in .22LR.”

“Oh. Well, this is a .22 Win Mag.”

“I see that…”


So after some investigation, I’d apparently clicked on the wrong model when I ordered it. And to transfer it back and ship it back (given that it was my mistake, both in the ordering and in the not checking more carefully before I filled out the forms) would have cost half the price of the rifle. So I decided to keep this one, AND I ordered the one in .22LR before I left the store.

I should have that one in my hands in another week.

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Chambered in 5.7xUnicorn

Why? Because I want it!

I’ve been pondering for months the possibility of getting my hands on an FN Five-Seven. Not nearly badly enough to special order one, especially because I’ve never held one, never wrapped my hands around one, never gotten to fiddle around with one, but every time I think of it, I check the counter at the LGS to see if they’ve got one.

Nope. Never. Not a chance. Those things are scarer than…well…scarcer than unicorn tears. The ammunition for them has been back in stock for some time, at least enough so that its purchase is pretty much unrestricted (other than the still-standing 10-box limit on all ammo). But the pistol itself? Neither seen nor heard from.

Until today, that is. I just glanced into the case and saw a Five-SeveN sitting there! One of the guys pulled it out for me, and I started fiddling with it, trying to see how I liked it (-if- I liked it), how it fit my hands, all of that. I’d barely set it back on the counter and told him that I liked it just fine and that I would love to exchange my hard-earned cash for their nice shiny gun before 2 other people attempted to buy it. Turns out, that was the last one they had. So…MINE!


And it followed me home. (My guy says that it figures I’d finally get a gun that’s chambered in 5.7xUnicorn. And I said that’s just fine with me…because a whole bunch of boxes of Unicorn ammo followed me home, too.)

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My First .45

Long day at work last night, and today’s sleep was interrupted by the doorbell several times…all of them deservedly ignored. It is Saturday, after all. And I heard the phone ring once in there, too. Also ignored; that’s what voice mail is for, and I do have to work tonight, too.

But the voice mail message said that my special order at LFS was in and ready for pick-up! So I quickly pulled myself together after I woke up and got myself to the store before they closed because this is My First .45! I’d only ordered it from them 3 days ago, and here it was, ready to go. I’m not sure I can remember the last time I ordered anything, from anyone, that arrived that fast…much less something like this.

It’s a Kimber Tactical Custom II. It has an aluminum frame with a checkered front strap. The barrel is a full 5″, and the sights are tritium night sights. And the grips are laminated wood. I did a fair bit of research to come up with this one, but some of it came down to just “want” when it felt right in my hands. It has such a lovely light trigger pull, too. Several of the guys behind the counter at LFS were commenting on it today, asking if they could get a feel for it and such, because this is not one of the models that they usually carry. (They usually have the Tactical Custom II HD, which is the steel frame…so heavier, but otherwise a twin.)

I can’t wait to get to the range with this beauty, but given my sleep/work schedule for the weekend, unless I want to find a new range to shoot at (the one up the street is closed on Mon/Tues), it’ll be Wednesday before I get a chance. This just might be a reason to go find a new range to shoot at!

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Buy a Gun Day…

seems to have become a month-long celebration for me this year.

It all started when I decided that I wanted a .22 for target practice. Cheaper ammo is not, after all, to be sneezed at, and with the variety of .22s that are currently being produced, I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to find something that I’d enjoy shooting.

I started at my local range where I most often go to shoot. It’s close; it’s convenient; it’s a small, local, second-generation family-owned business, and I believe in supporting local whenever possible. Unfortunately, they have been stocking fewer and fewer handguns lately, and their response to a query about a specific type or model is usually to shrug and say, “Sorry, we don’t have that,” rather than, “Let’s see what we might do about finding one for you.” But they did have an Smith & Wesson M&P .22. It felt just about like the two other M&Ps that I already have (9mm and .40). And I really do like both of my other M&Ps…so I got the baby of the family! It is fun to shoot, too. Very nice groups out to 50ft (which is as far as that range is long).

A few days later, I was at one of my favore stores in the world. It’s a large all-around outdoor store, but also a local business. While I was there, I was looking at their stock of Ruger .22s. I had been looking into those before I had found the M&P, but hadn’t seen one until that afternoon. After spending some time talking with a few of the guys behind the counter and handling several of the Rugers, I ended up with a second .22…the Mk III Hunter. I was delighted with this one on the first trip to the range! At 50ft, I ended up with about a 2″ hole in the target after 100 rounds with only a few fliers outside of it.

When I really think about it, though, BAG Day (errr…Month) didn’t just start with the search for a .22. I’ve also been searching for quite a while for my first .45. I finally made my choice and went in search of. But things being as they are, Small Fav Store didn’t have it, nor did Large Fav Store. But the guy at LFS called their smaller outlet and, lo and behold, they did! Or, well, they didn’t quite. But I didn’t find that out until I drove an hour to get there, only to realize that it wasn’t exactly the right model. However unlike SFS, the guy here didn’t just say, “Sorry, we don’t have it.” He spent well over an hour with me going through the manufacturer’s catalog to be sure we had the right model, finding the price, and getting it ordered for me. So I still have one more coming to complete BAG Month.

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